Windows Binaries Now Repaired

I had initially used the default settings on py2exe, which did not make working files!  Now that I'm using a script I found tuned for pygame, I'm getting reports of it working on non-python-y windows machines, and also it has this refreshingly small file count.

Meanwhile, I left the source bundle in kind of an ugly state, but it's not a total mass of undocumented spaghetti, so there's definitely a neat thing or two in there.

BTW if you want to figure out WTF is going on with the Mode 69 engine, it's basically matrix math, where you multiply a 3x3 matrix times a 1x3 matrix containing [x;y;1] to get new coordinates.  This covers all possible linear stretches and squashes you could do to an image, and there's a subset of those transformations that gives you positioning, rotating, and scaling.  The engine basically combines a single, meticulously-noodled perspective transform with positioning and rotating to make the track look right.

Math Hint: PIL does matrix transformations with 8 arguments that are really 3x3 matricies, but where the lower-left corner is always 1.

Files 17 MB
Mar 02, 2018

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