A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Final warning: this is an unrepentantly pornographic racing game, do not play this at work or in view of anyone you wouldn't browse e621 in front of.

Specific sexual content notes: all sex is consensual and in the context of an athletic competition, where male or female racers compete to bring male partners to climax as quickly as possible.

Update: If the game's speed is wrong (too easy or too hard) it's because of a bug I have discovered where your computer's speed affects the difficulty.  If there's a patch later I will either find and kill this bug, or just like, give you a difficulty knob.

Install instructions

If you are having trouble running the game on Windows, installing Python2.7 might help.  I didn't have a lot of time to test this game on other people's computers...


bbb-linux.zip 12 MB
bbb-windows-patch.zip 17 MB
bbb-src.zip 12 MB

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